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The island hub is a regularly-recurring location in ZED. The player visits it a total of seven times in the course of the game.



[SFX]: *bicycle bell rings*

[Young Mal]: Man, Ms. Landsale's class was great. Wish they could all be like that.

[Young Mal]: Heinlein, Lovecraft, Tolkien... You said your art class was the same way?

[Young Mal]: Who's that guy you mentioned? All those alien planets? Roger Dean?

[Young Mal]: Say, wanns work on more ZED again?

[Young Mal]: I got all thse ideas: Cosmic! Horror... Comedy! Romance!

[Young Mal]: Ah, no shit. This summer's gonna be the best.


[SFX]: *cicadas buzzing*

[Young Mal]: Summer's almost over. Barely a week left.

[Young Mal]: How many pages you draw for ZED?

[Young Mall]: ...Well, think of all the cool stuff we've done!

[Young Mal]: Exploring the sewers last week was awesome. Tunnel rats!

[Young Mal]: So, how you wanna spend the rest of it? More art? Or more adventures?

[Young Mal]: Yeah, I can't friggin' decide either...

[Nr. Id]: Productivity took a backseat. We had a summer to remember. Experiences to draw from.

[Mr. Ego]: Oh, sure. All those blank pages were completely justified.

[Mr. Ego]: Think if we'd had ZED further along before Plimco got their hooks into it.

[Mr. Id]: Ideas need time to incubate. Art needs experience.


[SFX]: *voicemail beep*

[Mal]: Hey. It's Mal. Principle photography on the ZED movie starts next week.

[Mal]: Weird to hear, huh? Especially not to be involved.

[Mal]: They contact you to advise? You'd...let me know, right?

[Mal]: Somebody, can't say who, snuck me a script.

[Mal]: And there's a few good lines. They kept the framework.

[Mal]: There's still plenty that can go wrong, I hear.

[Mal]: That's me! Always lookin' on the bright side.

[Mal]: Still rooting for ZED, though. Can't help it.


[SFX]: *voicemail beep*

[Mal]: Hey, it's Mal. I know you've got a lot going on.

[Mal]: Just wanted to say...sorry about Carolyn. Heard about John.

[Mal]: I been leaving you these messages and...hell, you got your own problems.

[Mal]: Should probably move on, I guess. Not be...bitter.

[Mal]: Make something else. Find another medium, like you did.

[Mal]: How are the hours? *chuckle* Bad as they say?

[Mal]: ...Call me, if and when you have the time.

Finish ZED[]

[SFX]: *voicemail beep*

[Mal]: Hey...it's Mal.

[Mal]: Hope things are good out your way. Or...better, you know.

[Mal]: I haven't heard from you. Been a bit–

[Mal]: *heavy coughing*

[Mal]: –rough lately.

[Mal]: Got some bad news.

[Mal]: You're probably on a deadline again. Or, they call it crunch, right?

[Mal]: Say, do me a favor. Do something with the character.

[Mal]: Finish Zed's search. Wrap up his story.

[Mal]: I don't care if you publish it. Or–[cough]–if I ever see it.

[Mal]: I just want to know... *ragged breathing*

[Mal]: I just want to know...that he found his way home.


[SFX]: *voicemail beep*

[Daughter]: Hey, Dad. Uh, it's me. Talked to your lawyer.

[Daughter]: I guess there've been some similar...settlements with creators lately.

[Daughter]: Um, the Kirby estate...the Schuster family.

[Daughter]: Anyway, he thinks there's a shot for ZED.

[Daughter]: Also, got some news from the doctor. It's a girl!

[Daughter]: We're considering..."Charlotte." ...What do you think?

ZED Returns[]

[SFX]: *voicemail beep*

[Daughter]: Hey, Dad. It's me. Your lawyer called. Plimco's open to your terms.

[Daughter]: That's great, right? Shared ownership of ZED for us and Mal's family.

[Daughter]: Shame about Mal... You know. Sucks...

[Daughter]: Everything you said about him, sounds like he could've used this.

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