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The player starts ZED with a blank journal that gets filled with entries connected to specific items that are collected in the game.

Location Fragment Entry Title Entry Text
Gallery Moon First Steps This... This isn't a dream. More
like... memory soup. There was a
voice – a doctor. What did she
say? Find the fragments – my
"most important memories" – and
set things straight.
She called it a game. Alright, let's play.
Dreamer's House (Child) Comic Book The Fates Drew a lot of inspiration from
this series. Me and Mal would
snag the latest issue from the
Five and Dime like clockwork, the
third Wednesday of the month.
Heh, sometimes we'd even pay for it.
Glove The Fountainhead Never liked playing on teams much.
More fun just playing catch with
Mal – pitching ideas. Some of the
stuff he'd come up with was way
out of left field.
Really hit on something with "ZED" though.
Radio The Happy Medium This thing weighs more than
that fancy TV Rose brought by
on one of her visits.
Countless nights listening to
"Bart Bellwether's Voices from
Beyond" on KQDB, beneath the
sheets. If Mom knew, she never
let on.
Slingshot Sling–O–Matic 2000 My sixth, no... seventh birthday.
Not a glass bottle within biking
distances was safe after I got
this bad boy. Thanks, Grandpa!
Needless to say, Mom was not a fan.
Sewer Balloon Luftballoon Saw this in a movie... Third
grade, I think – with Miss Kleine.
Too snowy for recess. This kid
gets bullied over his red balloon.
There wasn't any dialogue, but
I'm pretty sure it was German.
Now, what the hell was it called?
Dog Collar Ruthie's Best I'll never forget when Ruthie
had a litter – after all, I was
sober. Not all of them survived,
of course, but it was a good
lesson for Rose: Creation is a
messy affair.
Goldfish The Marvelous Mrs. Whelk My first and last pet, before
Rose–– Wait, no, Ruthie...
The dog. Geez.
My folks got me a goldfish to
teach me a bit about life and
death. Pretty messed up, if you
think about it, but it's better
than being coy.
Sculpture Mental Gymnasium You find inspiration in the most unusual
places. On Sunday's after church we'd
ride our bikes to the edge of town,
and play army.
I don't know what they used to make
there, and I never thought to ask.
Neighborhood Bird Mask Second Skin You're not fooling anyone.
Can't hide who you really are.
Costume Clever Costume I've got my fair share of flaws,
but you can't deny: I work well
under pressure. Nothing like a
last-minute invite to a costume
party – WITH GIRLS – to get
those creative juices flowing.
Disguise Grouch–O–Vision Do I wish I'd done things
You bet your life I do.
Sword Excalibur Sooner or later, it hits you.
And you just know: there's
something rotten in Denmark...
or the fate of the kingdom's
been left up to a rock. Which
makes about as much sense as,
well, ladies living in lakes.
Pumpkin Playground Baseball Bat Pumpkin Pounder What does the sculptor see in a
piece of wood? The painter, on
an empty canvas? Art's a little
like anarchy: all you need is a
healthy ego, and a little elbow
grease. Well, that and the
right tool for the job.
Baseball Cap Keep a Lid on it Little League was a lot like
puberty: an awkward, demoralizing
affair. Must have been twice as
tough on Mal... Kids are cruel
and merciless. Small-town adults
aren't much better.
Ribbon Booby Prize Winners get trophies, which...
what, makes the rest of us losers?
Anyway, I didn't let it stop me.
Lord knows I didn't let much of
anything stand in my way, when it
came to my career.
Sand Dollars Pirate's Booty Me and Mal swore we'd get serious
about working on ZED. Instead,
we spent half the summer
beachcombing, convinced we were
gonna be rich. Bobby Holtz said
he'd give me a REAL dollar to
eat one, but all I earned was a
trip to the ER.
Woods Cauldron Strange Brew "I'm not a witch, I'm a warlock!"
But Dad wasn't having it – so
no tricks, no treats.
He was the kind of guy who'd be
front row to watch them burn
the heretics, if they still did
that kind of thing.
Milk Udder Loss Nothing beats starting each day
with a heaping bowl of cautionary
tragedy. After Kip Webber went
missing, we weren't allowed out past
dark for, like, ever. None of us took
it seriously, but we were just kids.
Popsicle Choco–Bomb "Chocolatey delicious,
And arguably nutritious,
Choco–Bombs! Choco–Bombs!
Choosy moms choose Choco–bombs!"
Teeth Ersatz Choppers Not a lot I got from my old
man that's worth being proud
of, but at least I'll go to my
grave with a big, brilliant set of
all-natural teeth.
Nursery Alligator Avery "What are you painting now,
Avery? It's so pretty! More
colors than a rainbow! When I
grow up, I hope I'm as good at
making stuff as you are –
maybe I'll be a famous artist!"
Fox Frida "Great idea, Frida! But shhh,
don't tell Mom. We'll sneak out
into the pumpkin patch after
dark and hunt for hobgoblins!
Bet I'll catch more than you,
this time!"
Moose Mal "After lunch, will you finish the
story about the Gingerbread
Princess and the Three Blind
Moose? Pleeease? When you tell
it, it's like I'm really there. I
can't wait to hear how it ends!"
Porcupine Picasso "Here Picasso, want another
bite of grilled cheese? No?
Okay, I'll finish it then. That's
what I like about you: you're so
unselfish, and always stick up
for your friends."
Cellar Magazines Grandpa's Lad Mags Rosie thinks it's hilarious that I
still listen to the records – says I'm
missing out on the little details.
Thinks it's quaint. Maybe so, but
some things are best left to the
Medal True Mettle After grandpa hit his limit, I'd
root through all his old war stuff.
It was just like when Decima and
Morta fought the Nazis, but even
better. It was real. The danger
was... "cool." Boyhood is bliss.
Train Ticket Ticket to Ride One-way tickets are a double-edged
sword: scary and exhilarating.
Excited at the prospect of
something new. Terrified you
won't like it. But committed,
after all: life only runs in one
Whiskey Hidden Hooch This takes me back to the 'River Rats,'
trying to catch forty winks under the
tattered canopy of a PBR31.
Growing up, booze tasted like
bitter medicine. Come to think
of it, that's exactly what it is.
Train Station Bear Fuzzy Buddy Unpacking your personal baggage
is lonely business. Never hurts to
have a friend, to help.
Conductor's Hat Conductor's Cap I started spending summers with
Grandpa and Lashonda after
things got bad with Dad. Mom
would say the train was taking
me "off to the land of make
believe," but it was really just
going South. To Florida.
Suitcase Travelling Trunk Before all the androids and
arch-mages, it was Blackbeard
and Tom Sawyer. In search of
adventure. No responsibilities.
No attachments. Just the shirt
on your back.
Wooden Whistle Wooden Whistle I'll never forget the sound of
Rosie's laughter when we took
her first train ride. Seeing her
face all lit up like that, whet my
appetite for adventure all over
again. An indelible reminder of
young awe and wonder.
Crash Cave "BOTTOMS UP!" High Spirits Here's to you, Mal, and whatever
makes you merry.
You deserved better, old friend.
"LEAST LIKELY TO CARE" A for Ambivalence "Bliss is Ignorance.
 Ignorance, bliss.
 But if no one knows,
 Who gives a whit?"
– E. Malone; 10th grade
"I... don't know what to say."
"I'm sorry."
"WORLD'S WORST DAD" Parentheticals Should've.
Bathroom Belt Cinch to Win Dad was never a particularly
meaty guy, but he lost a lot of
weight toward the end. Like
father like son. Sometimes the
hunger just leaves you, even
when there's food on the table.
Gun Father's Little Helper "According to recently released
national research statistics,
legally purchased firearms are
used in nearly half of suicides in
North America, with the number
of attempts reaching record
highs in the past five years."
Pills Slumber Party Not surprisingly, most sleepover's
were at Mal's place. His dad
would pick up take-out and rootbeer
(and some of the regular variety
for himself). Up all night,
hopped up on comics and board
games. Happy days.
Razor Splitting Heirs At the mirror with dad,
standing side by side – one of
the good memories.
"Don't go against the grain
unless you're sure you know what
you're doing."
Old man was right. Every risk is
better with a little calculation.
Dreamer's House (Adult) Clock Five More Minutes Quit Procrastinating.
ZED is waiting.
Time to go.
Divorce Agreement Parting Papers Guest lecturing at some art
academy. Spunky redhead,
front and center. The instructor
seduces his students... Or was it
the other way around? Either
way, you're a walking, talking
Newspaper Bad News, Bared "Hollywood financier Halbert
Atwell has secured media rights
to Plimco Comics' award-winning
"ZED." An eponymous live-action
feature-film is in the works,
with an extensive merchandising
rollout to follow..."
TV Dinner Naked Lunch Somehow, even now, I still miss
our stupid arguments. About my
studio's sanctity. About salad
dressing, and the need for just
a little god-damned silence.
Jesus, Carolyn, I wish you were
here to yell at me now.
Garden Shed Book Little Black Book The first few steps in the creative
process are pure chaos – and I
love it. So many possibilities.
Nothing ventured. Failure isn't
even an option. It's only when
you start to actually create,
that things get complicated.
Crutch Lean Machine First Mal. Then Carolyn. Then
the bottle.
You used to think you were so
independent, but let's face it:
everyone needs some propping up,
now and then.
Rabbit Woothie's Wabbit There may be a trick or two left
in this old dog, but I wouldn't
count on it. Considering the
circumstances, I'm not sure whether
it's better to beg, or just roll over.
Sign Note To Self "Do what you love, and you'll
never work a day in your life..."
...So long as someone's willing to pay
you for – or at least put up with – it.
City of Smoke and Mirrors Air Freshener Dormitory Daze College life was steeped in the
ever-present haze of Morley
smoke and makeshift air-fresheners.
Misako mixed Lennon shades and
a Lenin cap like nobody's business.
Just a fling – nothing serious –
but it was good.
Glasses Purple Haze "The doors of perception won't
budge for just any old fool.
You gotta pry those bastards
wide open.
Crowbar of the mind, my man,
crowbar of the mind."
– Lenny the Lysurgeon Phd, LSD.
Hand Mirror Nothing to See Here There's a lot of me and Mal in
ZED. Not literally, of course. But
let's face it, if your art doesn't
reflect some facet of you, you're
doing it wrong.
Political Pin Heart on Sleeve I never bought into the whole
"art school scene." Too political.
All just nonsense.
Spare me that sanctimony, let
the art do the talking and leave
me alone.
Tunnel of Ticks Flashlight Pathfinder There's a light at the end of the
tunnel. But is it just another
stop, or the end of the line?
I'll be finding out soon. After
all, I'm right on schedule. For
the first time. Maybe the last.
Lighter Fired Up Inspiration's often described as
a "spark," but that's not how it
works. The creative process is a
fickle mistress – she'll flash you
a glimpse, but you can be damn
sure your work's cut out for you.
Pack of Cigarettes Pack of Morley's I like a clean workspace. Taking care
of my tools. Nothing wrong with that.
Brushes cleaned after every use;
the right caps put back on the paints.
I guess the healthy habits die
just as hard.
Shoe Sole Survivor No way! I've been looking for
this since... since we snuck into
the Dead show. Lenny ran off
with this far-out chick, with
dreds for days. Took us hours
to find the van, but it's not like
we were in any rush.
Factory Carton of Cigarettes Morley's, En Masse Seriously. All things considered,
it is a little hard to believe I
never took up smoking... cigarettes.
Ice Cream Cold Comfort We bickered from the start, but
it wasn't always bad. I said
vanilla, you wanted chocolate;
we settled on Rocky Road. I
said it was a sign – that we're a
match made in heaven. You said
I was nuts.
Plant Signs of Life After losing Carolyn and John,
I lost myself in the bottle.
Nearly for good. Somewhere in
there, I realized that along
the way ZED and I had grown
apart. I figured finishing his
story might... that I had to do it.
For myself. For Mal. For Charlotte.
Rose Rose, On the Nose I'll give you one guess what kind
of flowers all of Rose's dates
brought her. Nice kids though,
for the most part.
She's a good girl – kind, like her
mother. Must have done
something right.
Graveyard Heart (Left) Glass Half Empty I value my career above all.
I prize discipline and order.
I can never enjoy enough success.
I regret... nothing.
Heart (Right) Glass Half Full I put family first and foremost.
I cherish adventure and spontaneity.
I need a little, and want even less.
I remember... everything.
Party hat A Little Pizzazz Standing in Rosie's living room,
piled high with baby shower gifts,
Mal's words came rushing back:
"ZED can be about anything we
want it to be." His story began
on the pages of a comic book,
sure, but as for the ending...?
Rattle Lil' Maraca I never got around to cleaning the
house, after the accident. All those
forgotten things, remembered too late.
What I did know, was that ZED
was still out there, awaiting the
next adventure. I just couldn't
hear his voice.
Cliffs "90 DAYS SOBER" End of an Era "A legacy's a noble goal, but there's
more to what we leave behind,
than the work we've done. I see
that now. Thanks to you, Charlotte,
I know what I need to do. So
even though we may never meet,
I'll always be your biggest fan."
"FOREVER FAITHFUL" "Unsung Heroes" "Success takes extraordinary
dedication and commitment, often
from those who go unappreciated.
I know I've never been the easiest
guy to love, but – baby, you're
always with me. You and Johnny
are a part of me forever.
"TRUE FRIEND AWARD" Friends Like These... "I'd like to share this with my old
partner in crime – a good friend,
and a great writer. Killer wit. Mal,
if you're listening in, buddy, I'm
doing something new – with ZED –
and I think I've found a way to
work you in. Hope you like it!"
"WORLD'S BEST DAD" Best in Show "Wow. Just... Wow. This is truly
an honor – and let's be honest,
I never thought I'd even be
here today. I'd have to thank
my family, first – especially my
daughter, Rose – without whom
this wouldn't have been possible."