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The tick cave is a location in ZED. The player visits it after visiting the City of Smoke and Mirrors and before visiting the island hub for the fifth time.


[Mr. Id]: Finally! A familiar...carapace?

[Mr. Ego]: Bigger than I remember. Took mom hours to burn 'em off. Dad was furious...

[Mr. Ego]: As if an eight-year old's supposed to know what makes ticks...tick!

[Mr. Id]: Out of the tub, straight to bed. No dinner.

[Mr. Ego]: A starving artist was born.

[Mr. Id]: Mal wanted insect enemies for ZED. Issue Six.

[Mr. Ego]: Right...! The Acari Armada, from the Zebulon Nebula.

[Mr. Ego]: Wonder how Mal's doing.

[Mr. Id]: ...You don't remember.

Memory Fragments[]

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