ZED Wiki

Thank you for your interest in translating the ZED Wiki. The main wiki is written in English, but we hope to bring it to as many languages as possible. For Gamepedia's official translation guidelines, see https://help.gamepedia.com/Translation_guidelines.

Two-Letter Language Code[]

To begin translating, you will need to know the two-letter language code for your language. You can find it in the 639-1 column in this Wikipedia article: wikipedia:List of ISO 639-1 codes.

Translating a Page[]

Start at the page you would like to translate, let's say ZED Wiki. To make a page for your translation, you will add a forward slash (/) and your language code to the article name. In this case, if you were translating to Spanish, you would create a page called ZED Wiki/es.

Moving Forward[]

Once at least the main page and a few articles have been translated into a language, we can work with Gamepedia to get a subdomain (like zed-es.gamepedia.com) to host the wiki in just that language. We can also start including links in the sidebar to move from one language to another.