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Update 1.1.0 was an update released for ZED on 6 June 2019. It focused mainly on bug fixes from the initial release.

Thank you everyone for your ZED feedback!

We’re so excited to get ZED into your hands, but we also want you to know that we’re very busy fixing issues that remain.

So, here is an update! This update addresses and cleans up many of the VR issues that some of you were experiencing, along with some other known issues and minor fixes.

We’ve run this update through testing and we’re really happy with the VR improvements, but we’ve also noticed a few graphic issues that popped up. Rather than delay this much needed update for VR players, we decided to address these graphics issues in the next update (which is coming very soon!).

Free Movement? Yes! We absolutely know that you want it. There were some early decisions made to release the game without it. But it’s coming! Beyond that, we read all your feedback and requests, are we’re reviewing many of them (including other menu options) for inclusion in a future update.

Oh… and one more thing… shhhh... (a bit of a spoiler) -- the game starting out in Chapter 6 is a design decision, not a bug. ;)

Enjoy the improvements in this update. Please continue to send any feedback (bugs or suggestions). We are listening!

The ZED Team

Fixes and improvements:

  • Subtitles off by default
  • Achievements have been fixed
  • Adjustment to Credits end timing
  • Splash screen copyright date updated
  • Stuffy interaction symbol fixed
  • Misbehaving stuffies fixed
  • Charlotte end stuffy fixed
  • Pumpkin Playground voice over trigger fixed
  • Fixed misbehaving textures (e.g.napkin texture)
  • Fixed sewer puzzle
  • Fixed Charlotte end exterior graphics

VR fixes and improvements:

  • Teleport rotation is fixed
  • Fixed VR selection for Steam / Vive: Selecting VR mode in Steam will launch the game in VR, otherwise it will show the selection menu if 2D mode is chosen
  • VR selection skipped if no headset connected
  • If the headset is tracked the game will load into VR, otherwise the VR selection screen will be shown
  • Overall performance improvements: Adjustments and changes made to rendering, lighting, graphics settings and shadows

Some known issues (fixes coming soon):

  • Due to a new rendering method, some decals may not display in level
  • VR: Pushing fragment objects directly into the players own face may trigger the "You are in wall" warning
  • In VR, if you open the journal while holding a fragment, the fragment will remain stuck to your hand (a temporary workaround is to restart the level)
  • Lighting issues in some levels
  • Sometimes when you launch the game in VR the Oculus Home will re-open after the game has launched. Alt-tabbing back into the game fixes this.[1]