ZED is a puzzle adventure created by Chuck Carter and developed using Unread Engine 4. It is beautifully designed and the music is zen-like. The game is currently scheduled to release on Steam in Q1 of 2017. The game was Kickstarter funded in July of 2016 and a playable demo is available on the official website.


“Zed” is an explorative adventure into whimsical dreamworlds. This beautiful and meditative game encourages curiosity and imagination. Players will fix things, reconnecting memories to reveal a story about life or death about love, loss and facing the unthinkable - the absence of ones ability to even remember their name or those they love. It's about the things that we leave undone or unsaid.

ZED is about helping someone unlock pathways to things desperately forgotten, where players help the Dreamer say farewell to someone he knows he’ll never meet.

The Dreamer, while aware of the player's presence, does not always seem to understand that they are there to help, and the Dreamer may put obstacles in the player's path, hindering progress. The world is filled with exotic places and the world can change in an instant. Such is the way with dreams. As the player learns more about the Dreamer's story and the truth about his past, players will eventually be able to unlock and solve the final mystery.

The game should take from 3 - 5 hours to complete. Players will find hints in the mostly unlikely places and it will take observational skills to solve many of the puzzles. Check everything closely and remember details. Chipped bricks, graffiti, even the symbols scratched on the walkways could provide a clue.

About the creator - Chuck Carter

These worlds were built by the creative mind of artist Chuck Carter. If you've ever read National Geographic, seen a NASA press release in Scientific American or the Washington Post, or watched Babylon5, there's a good chance you've experienced his work. However, his first love is world-building for video games, this is where he's spent most of his life. From the groundbreaking environments of Myst, through the cinematic battlefields of Command and Conquer and Red Alert, to the futuristic terrain of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, Chuck has helped produce over 25 games throughout his career.